Most orders are shipped within 4-5 business days.


** This page has latest information and kept current. New information/update will be posted here immediately. ***

** Due to shortage of packaging components and/or shortage of manpower, many of smaller pack sizes are not available.  We are working to get them back in stock, but it would take us few weeks. Apologies for inconvenience. 


1. What is your lead time to ship?
Currently, most orders are shipped as indicated above. We are working tirelessly to fulfill orders and minimize the impact on our customers’ business. We will update if anything changes. 


 2. Do you offer Customer Pickup?

Yes. Customer pickups are available now. Just select Customer Pickup as shipping method during checkout.  We will still need above mentioned processing time to prepare your order for pickup.  Once the order is ready, we will email you with pickup information. 


3. Shipping Policy::: Lockdown/Shelter-in-Place/Restrictions at your Shipping Address:

If you are ordering from a state/county/village that has ordered Lockdown/Shelter-in-Place/ or any other such order which Restricted/Limited Movement, please contact us to HOLD your shipment. Please call FedEx/UPS/any other carrier for any service interruption to your shipping address.

If your package(s) are returned to us due to non-delivery,
- We will not be able to refund shipping cost.
- You will be required to pay any associated returned fees/charges
- You will be required to pay shipping cost again to send the packages back to you.


4. Shipping Policy::: Delivery Dates:

Estimated Delivery dates shown on View Cart Page OR Checkout Page is NOT guaranteed.  All major carriers (FedEx/UPS/USPS) are having delays in their delivery network.  Package(s) may get delayed. Package(s) may get delivered separately on different dates.  


5. Are you experiencing any inventory shortages?
We have good amount of inventory on the shelf and ready to ship. We keep monitoring inventory and put plans in place to replenish as quick possible. If we run out on any ingredients, we will update our website accordingly.

Please note that inventory and website are NOT automatically linked. Sometimes we may need to cancel item(s) due to inventory shortage/unavailability.  We will refund for items not shipped. 


6. Can you rush my order?
We can try to accommodate rush orders.  Please email us.  We can check stocks and let you know.  There is a $100 rush order fees.


7. Packaging Information
Due to COVID, there is a shortage of certain packaging materials.  We may send you ingredient(s) packed in different type of packaging than our usual packs. (For example, instead of our Cosmo Round Amber Bottles, we may ship Boston Round Clear Bottles.  Instead of disc-cap, we may have to use regular cap. And like-wise).


 We are happy to help you run your business. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or have additional question. Our Chat, Phone, and Emails are working as usual.


Stay Safe and Healthy!


Blossom Bulk Team
Phone: 312-379-5210