Castile Soap - Liquid (Unscented)

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Blossom offers premium quality Liquid Castile Soap in bulk. It is pale yellow, translucent, viscous liquid. 

  • Biodegradable and vegetable origin
  • No synthetic preservatives/thickeners, free of animal fats
  • Essential Oils can be added if desired
  • Made with organic oils

Blossom’s offers premium quality Liquid Castile Soap for versatile application.

Hand Wash                         Soap
All-Purpose- Cleanser          Laundry

Aqua, Potassium Oleate, Potassium Cocoate, Glycerin, Potassium Citrate, Citric Acid



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Grade:: Made with Organic Oils
Appearance:: Colorless to Pale Yellow Viscous Liquid Soap
Origin:: UK