Rose Absolute (100%)

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Blossom offers superior quality Rose Absolute in bulk. It is 100% concentrated Rose Absolute (no dilution).  It is reddish-brown viscous liquid and has rose-like aroma.

Rose flower is the common name for the petals of the plant Rosa gallica, Rosa centifolia, or Rosa damascena. Civilizations have used the rose flower throughout history as the basic ingredient of most perfumes, in religious rituals, and to enhance beauty, and to promote good health.  Rose Absolute is obtained by solvent extraction of rose flower petals.

Blossom's Rose Absolute is 100% concentrated (without any dilution).  It has quite strong and complex aroma profile for versatile application.



Skin Care                Hair Care
Nail Care                Lip Care
Baby care               Sun care
Cosmetics             Massage 


Anti-inflammatory         Antioxidant
Regenerative              Healing
Anti-ageing                   Protect skin and hair


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Botanical Name:: Rosa Damascena
Grade:: Therapeutic
Extraction By:: Solvent Extraction
Parts Used:: Flowers
Appearance:: Reddish/Brown Viscous Liquid
INCI:: Rosa Damascena Flower Extract
CAS Number:: 90106-38-0
Origin:: Bulgaria/Europe