Witch Hazel - Regular (USP)

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Blossom offers premium quality Witch Hazel USP in Bulk. It is in liquid form for versatile application.

Witch Hazel, also called Winterbloom, is a small shrub native to North America and has long been part of traditional medicine and a popular topical home remedy for various skin ailments. Today the extracts made from the plant continue to be used for their cleansing, toning, and nourishing properties. It contains tannins, kaempferol, quercetin, polyphenols, saponins and some volatiles like eugenol and gallic acid as active compounds. It shows anti-inflammatory activity and good effects on irritated skin, bruises, and swelling. It has antioxidant properties with potential anti-aging activity via inhibition of collagenase and a protective effect against free radical cell damage. It is known for its woody fruit aroma and mainly used in soothing and toning products.

Witch Hazel water is obtained from the steam distillation of twigs and bark. Final product has 86% Witch Hazel distillate and 14% standard alcohol. It conforms to USP specifications, which ensures consistent high quality product.

Blossom offers premium quality Witch Hazel USP in Bulk.

Skin Care         Massage
Hair Care           Aromatherapy
Sun Care

Soothing         Anti-oxidant
Analgesic          Anti-inflammatory
Moisturizing      Astringent



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Botanical Name:: Hamamelis Virginiana
Grade:: USP
Extraction By:: Distillation
Parts Used:: Twigs and Bark
Appearance:: Colorless Liquid with characteristic odor
INCI:: Hamamelis Virginiana Water (and) Alcohol
CAS Number:: 84696-19-5, 64-17-5
Origin:: USA