Lanolin USP

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Blossom offers superior quality Lanolin. It meets US Pharmacopie (USP) standards (i.e best quality). It is yellow in color and has soft wax like consistency.

Lanolin is obtained from wool of sheep. The main components of this natural wax are esters and hydroxy esters of lanolin acid and lanolin alcohol, sterols and squalane. With this highly valuable ingredients, lanolin is one of the most used natural waxes. Products with lanolin improve skin barrier protection and have occlusive effect. Because it is very similar with skin natural constituents, lanolin can penetrate into the skin layers getting long lasting moisturizing effect. It is very popular as occlusive ingredient in baby creams and ointments. Lanolin is used in a number of hair treatments for its protective qualities and impressive conditioning effect. It can be used in manicure products to adhere to nail and soften & moisturize cuticle.

Skin care                         Body care
Color cosmetics               Hair care
Balms, ointments              Nail care

Emollient                   Occlusive agent
Emulsifier                 Plasticizes

Recommended Usage:
up to 20% in emulsions
up to 100% in anhydrous products


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Grade: USP Standards
Parts Used: Wool
Appearance: Yellow Viscous Paste
INCI: Lanolin
CAS Number: 8006-54-0
Origin: China, Europe, India, Singapore