Menthol Crystals USP

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Blossom offers best quality Menthol which meets US Pharmacopeia (USP) standards. It is white crystalline solid with strong and sharp mint odor. Our Menthol is 100% Pure and Natural, made from Cornmint Oil (Mentha Arvensis plant).

As topically menthol cause analgesia and coolness, it is very effective in relieving itchiness and muscle pain, aches and muscle cramps. Creams and balms with menthol are very popular. In food industry menthol is used as refreshing flavoring in candy, chewing gums. Menthol in medicine remedies and phytotherapy products for cough, sour throat and cold are among the most popular products. Menthol is one of the most used ingredients in toothpastes and mouthwashes to treat bad breath and inhibit bacteria growth in mouth.

Skin care                            Body care
Medical ointments                Inhalation
Toothpaste                           Massage

Analgesic                                       Decongestant
Cool sensation                                Irritation
Help heal headache                         Suppress cough

Recommended Usage:
0.5 % as flavoring
0.5-4 % in ointments, balms, gels


Special Note:
Usually, Menthol is free-flowing white crystalline form. In hot summer months (in warm weather regions), Menthol Crystals may melt and solidify during shipping. This does not affect the properties/usability of Menthol. We will not be able to accept return for melted Menthol. On your request, we can arrange for temperature-controlled shipping.  


All the products offered by Blossom Group LLC are for external use only.  Do not consume internally.  Products information on the website/documents are for information purpose only. Nothing contained herein should be considered as a recommendation by Blossom Group LLC.  It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.  Products should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or under the care of a medical practitioner. Please read full disclaimer here.

Botanical Name: Mentha Arvensis
Grade: USP Grade
Appearance: White Solid Crystals. Strong Menthol Odor
INCI: Menthol
CAS Number: 2216-51-5
Origin: India