Cocoa Butter - Refined, White

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Blossom offers superior quality white Cocoa Butter in bulk. It is ivory to white color solid and odorless for versatile application.

Cocoa Butter is extracted from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are cleaned, fermented, roasted, and pressed. After that process, Cocoa Butter is separated from cocoa powder. Cocoa Butter contains a high proportion of saturated fats, derived from stearic and palmitic acids. It makes an excellent skin moisturizer. Saturated fats are especially beneficial for healing dry, cracked skin because they are easily absorbed and remain on the skin for hours, which helps restoring moisture. This very important for lip balms. Cocoa Butter contains compounds called cocoa mass polyphenols. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that help diminish signs of aging and soothe skin rashes. They help improve skin elasticity and skin tone.

Quick Info/Tip:
Natural butters like Shea or Mango have natural tendency to turn in to grainy texture. This does NOT mean the butter has gone bad or turn rancid. When a butter, such as shea or mango, is heated the fatty acids separate from one another. Then if it cools slowly, these fractions stay separate causing the butter to go grainy. (This happens during shipping in warm weather). Gently melt the butter, and then rapid cooling or freezing may help to reduce/remove graininess.
For detailed technical info, please read following articles.
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Skin Care                Hair Care
Nail Care                Lip Care
Baby care               Sun care
Cosmetics             Massage 


Lightweight fat                    Low melting point
Highly Moisturizing          Emollient
Anti-ageing                             Protect skin and hair

Recommended Usage:


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Botanical Name:: Theobroma Cacao
Grade:: Refined
Extraction By:: Pressed and Refined
Parts Used:: Seeds/Nuts
Appearance:: Ivory to White Color Solid, Odorless
INCI:: Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter
CAS Number:: 8002-31-1
Origin:: Africa, Asia, South America, Europe