Mafura Butter - Virgin (Trichilia Oil)

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Blossom offers premium quality cold-pressed Mafura Butter in bulk. It is also called Trichilia Oil. It is a soft butter with yellow color and typical nutty odor. In warm weather, the butter melts quickly (at 30˚C/86˚F) and turns in to light-brown color oil.

Mafura Butter comes from regions of Southern African countries. Mafura tree produces reddish brown seeds. These seeds are collected by hand in wild. After cleaning, seeds are carefully cold-pressed to obtain very special Mafura Butter/Trichilia Oil.

In Africa, this butter is traditionally used in hair and skin care products. Essential fatty acids in the butter softens the hair cuticle, improve elasticity (especially good for those with curly hair). Once applied to the hair, mafura butter prevents breaking hair fiber and helps restore damaged hair. In skin care products, this magnificent butter shows anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity. It also helps relief from itching to dry irritated skin. Fatty acids in this butter help penetrate and moisturize the skin. This oil/butter provides nourishment to the hair and skin and is recommended for soaps, shampoos, scalp care, moisturizers and lip balms.

Creams                               Body lotions
Shampoos                          Conditioners
Soaps                                 Lip balms

Light, easy to absorb                             Anti-inflammatory
Antimicrobial                                          Improves skin moisture
Prevents dry itching skin                          Condition hair
Repairs broken hair fibers

Recommended Usage:
5-10 % skin care
1-100 % hair care


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Botanical Name: Trichilia Emetica
Grade: Virgin/Unrefined
Extraction By: Cold Pressed
Parts Used: Seeds/Nuts
Appearance: Yellow Semi-Solid / Brown Liquid. Typical Nutty Odor.
INCI: Trichilia Emetica Seed Butter
CAS Number: -
Origin: Southern African Countries