Manketti Oil - Virgin (Mongongo Oil)

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Blossom offers premium quality cold-pressed Manketti Oil in bulk. It is also called Mongongo Oil. The oil is pale yellow color with mild nutty odor.

Manketti Oil, also known as Mongogo Oil, comes from very exciting and exotic African continent. Seeds of Manketti tree are delicious edible seed that provides many nutrients for the body. Manketti Oil is very rich oil as it is produced by cold pressing of the nut seed. Cold-pressed method keeps valuable nutrients stay in their natural way. These nutrients, especially vitamins E and C, are very potent antioxidants. When the oil is applied to the skin it provides good skin protection from different weather conditions. Unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic present in more than 30 %, make this oil great for preventing brittle nails, nourishes hair sculpt, lock moisture on hair follicles and help manage frizz hair.

Hair care                      Body care
Skin care                      Lip balms
Massage                     Sun protection creams

Nourishes                                          Anti-inflammatory
Moisturizes                                        Condition hair
Improve immune system             Strengthen nails and hair scale

Recommended Usage: 1-100 %


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Botanical Name: Schinziophyton Rautanenii
Grade: Virgin
Extraction By: Cold Pressed
Parts Used: Seeds/Nuts/Kernels
Appearance: Light Yellow Color, Typical Nutty Odor
INCI: Schinziophyton Rautanenii Kernel Oil
CAS Number: -
Origin: Southern African Countries